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Family can mean many things. We can take family to mean a group of people, varying in age that shares a common bond. I relish the opportunity to care for patients from childhood on and the nuances that accompany each stage of life.

I believe in a family approach to dentistry. Having practiced in a private pediatric dental practice in Lincoln Park (5 years) providing care to both children and their parents, I’ve learned that people appreciate the convenience of the family dental practice. Seeing parents running from place to place led me to believe that there should be an available alternative. I feel that with families being pulled in many directions, it would be a considerable service if their dental needs could be met in one place by excellent and caring people.

My objectives involve an artistic, well-communicated approach to dental care. One of my chief goals is to make modern dentistry logical to everyone. The dental community needs to talk to their patients. We need to educate our patients so that they may make informed decisions. I firmly believe that a well informed patient will view dentistry not as a mystery to be feared but as an important part of healthy living.

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Dr Suh is fantastic , the job is well done and not painfull at all, each visit is a pleasure and I am now happy to go to the dentist.
Frederic J.

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