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Dental Cleanings in Glenview, IL

Dentists recommend you to visit them every six months for teeth cleaning. Have you ever wondered why?  The reason is simple; teeth cleaning is not significant only for the teeth but also the healthy mind. Studies show that poor oral hygiene is linked to several health issues like cardiovascular diseases, bone loss, and dementia.

Brushing and flossing aren’t enough to keep the teeth healthy, professional dental cleaning and check-ups are also critical.


Benefits of cleanings:

  1. Prevent cavities
    2.    Stop tooth loss
    3.    Brighten the smile
    4.    Freshens the breath
    5.    Boost overall health


Types of Cleaning

No matter how attentive you are at taking care of your teeth, bacteria that causes gum diseases still grow in your mouth and affect your overall health.  Thus, in-house dental cleaning is highly recommended.

When you visit the dentist for cleanings, the expert dentist cleanings will examine the amount of tartar or plaque and accordingly suggest the type of cleaning that needs to be performed after a thorough examination of the X-rays. The types of dental cleanings include:


Hygiene Therapy/Prophlaxis

If you have healthy gum tissues, this dental cleaning process is for you. The aim of this process is to remove calculus, plaque and stains from the structure of the teeth and to keep the mouth healthy. The professional scales the teeth to remove the hard deposits and then polish it to remove the stains and soft plaque. It is performed with the prophy jet or an ultrasonic instrument.


Full Mouth Dental Debridement

This cleaning process is essential if you have not had your teeth cleaned for more than a year, and there is a thick deposit of minerals and calculus under the gum line. This process takes more than hour as it is a two-step dental cleaning:
•    Remove the tartar
•    Fine-scale to eliminate the build-up and polish


Periodontal Root Planning and Deep Scaling

It is a deep cleaning procedure and is suggested to patients that show significant signs of gum diseases like bleeding gums, deep gum pockets, pus and loss of bone. The tartar and plaque are removed from below and above the gum line using scaling. Also, the rough spots on the root are smoothened to eliminate the bacteria. Local anesthesia is given during the process to ensure that you don’t witness any discomfort. This cleaning process requires two to four visits keeping your dental condition in mind.


Periodontal Maintenance

This procedure is highly recommended, after the advanced periodontal treatment and its intervals vary depending on your clinical evaluation. In most cases, the interval is 3 to 4 months. It is essential to go for periodontal maintenance to minimize the chances of periodontal diseases by removing the tartar and plaque that deposits above and below the gums.

Just remember, teeth cleaning is necessary to avoid the chances and dangers of more painful and invasive treatments which are caused if the teeth are not cleaned, and the oral well-being is not maintained. So, promise yourself to go for dental cleanings regularly!